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Wyoming School Inspires -- in its restrooms too!

Restroom Beautification at Wyoming Elementary School

Some things are expected at the start of a new school year: pointy pencils, smiling teachers, weepy kindergarten parents, motivational artwork in bathrooms. Wait...what?

Perhaps that last one isn’t on the typical list of expectations, but this year, it should be for the students at Wyoming Elementary School. Over the summer, a team of volunteer artists from Millburn High School painted inspirational messages and artistic accents on the walls in all six of the school’s student bathrooms. 

“The look of a school has a real impact on mood, motivation, and behavior,” said principal Kristin Mueller when discussing the impetus for this undertaking. While bathrooms are frequently overlooked when it comes to beautification projects, Ms. Mueller decided there was no reason to skip these common spaces. 

The project fit nicely with Leader in Me, a school-improvement model Ms. Mueller introduced last year that aims to empower students with leadership and life skills. Many of the quotes were designed to help students see themselves as future leaders, such as one by Walt Disney painted by MHS senior Betty Zheng in the boys’ bathroom on the top floor: “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”

“The artists did an amazing job,” said Ms. Mueller. “I can’t wait to see the reaction of our students.”  In addition to Betty, the other artists who volunteered their time and talents were Natalie Ho, Michelle Qiu, and Annie Tan.

One thing Wyoming teachers should expect of their students this September is a few extra trips to the bathroom.