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Parent Wellness Consortium Presentation - Nurturing Resiliency, Courage, & Independence in an Age of Adolescent Anxiety: A Roadmap for Parents

The Consortium of Berkeley Heights, Chatham, Millburn, New Providence, and Summit School Districts invite you to attend our Parent Wellness Series presentation hosted by Chatham:  

Nurturing Resiliency, Courage, & Independence in an Age of Adolescent Anxiety: A Roadmap for Parents 

Zoom Meeting, Wednesday, February 24, 2021 at 7:00 pm

   Presented by:          Dr. Daniel Villiers, Ph.D

ZOOM Meeting Link:
Meeting ID: 867 8923 1547


Dr. Villiers, one of the nation’s leading anxiety interventionists will look at nature and experiences of adolescent anxiety, which will include the social, emotional, and academic components of anxiety for both parents and students. During these difficult and challenging times, many adolescents have been struggling with anxiety in relation to uncertainty, change, pressure from self or others, relationships, family life, lack of motivation, procrastination, perfectionism, boredom, isolation, and at times, poor academic performance. The goal of this presentation is to provide information to parents about how they can foster independent adolescents, help their adolescents effectively manage anxiety, and lastly, discuss how parents can help encourage and support adolescent resiliency in this age of anxiety.


Dr. Daniel Villiers is one of the nation’s leading anxiety interventionists. He has educated, motivated, and inspired more than 800 families to pursue treatment for their children with acute anxiety, OCD, and trauma. He is a driving force for the development of specialized anxiety treatment programs for school-age children. Dr. Villiers is the cofounder of the Anxiety Institute, an organization providing an intensive day program and outpatient services for anxious adolescents and young adults. He also co-founded Mountain Valley Treatment Center, the first non-hospital residential anxiety program in the United States.

Dr. Villiers’s passion for helping children with anxiety comes from his own experience. After having struggled with social anxiety and panic disorder in high school and college, he decided to dedicate his life to raising awareness about the impact of anxiety and reducing the shame of those suffering from anxiety disorders.