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Hartshorn STEAM Lab Opens with Ribbon Cutting!

The Hartshorn STEAM Team comprised of Ken Frattini, Gina Brooks, Theresa Pignataro, Eric Demel, Hope Shuster, Elizabeth Richardson, Gina Smalley, and Janine Loewrigkeit, along with the artfully talented Carol Ayotte, have worked hard over the several years to reimagine and redesign the Hartshorn Media space to include Hartshorn's STEAM Lab.
Students are able to communicate with others, problem-solve, take risks, and experiment. They are able to take part in a multitude of activities where they are empowered to see themselves as inventors, builders, creators, and problem solvers.
The Hartshorn PTO was present for the ribbon-cutting ceremony that took place on Monday, November 8, 2021. Staff members have received training, students from grades Kindergarten through 4th grade have been able to utilize the STEAM Lab on a regular basis, and all are excited by what the STEAM Lab has to offer! This is an exciting time for all students and staff; Hartshorn is grateful to all who supported this journey along the way!