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MHS Juniors Receive Prestigious 2018 College Book Awards



Brian Zhu received the Brandeis University Book Award, given to an outstanding high school junior in the top 10% of the class who demonstrates a commitment to civic engagement, community service, political activism, social justice, or volunteer work.


Ariel Stein earned the Bryn Mawr College Book Award, which is offered to a young woman in the junior class who exhibits a true love of learning and intellectual curiosity about the world around her.


Kate Repka is the recipient of the Chatham University Rachel Carson Healthy Planet Book Award, which is awarded to a high school junior who embodies the spirit of Rachel Carson in his or her dedication to sustainability and community development.


Julian Fox earned the Columbia University Club of Northern New Jersey Book Award. The club presents the Concise Columbia Encyclopedia to a current junior for academic excellence in the fields of history or the humanities.


Katie Darvin received the Denison University Book Award, awarded to a student who possesses an interest in pursuing the study of English literature, creative writing, or poetry.


William Cerulli earned the Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award in the Humanities and Social Sciences. This University of Rochester Award recognizes academic achievement of students who exemplify the revolutionary spirit of Douglass and Anthony. It encourages an equal emphasis on study, community action, and dialogue.


Andy Xia earned the George Washington School of Engineering and Applied Science Medal. This award is presented to juniors who have excelled academically in the fields of mathematics and/or science during their secondary school years.


Jake Garfinkle earned the George Washington University Book Award which is presented to a student interested in making significant contributions in the world with a commitment to serving others and who has independent and creative thought.


The Mount Holyoke Book Award was given to Katherine Zhong. This award is provided to a young woman who has produced an excellent academic record and has exhibited qualities of leadership and service in the school community.


The Oberlin College Book Award is presented to an exceptional student who has shown a commitment to science. This award goes to Ethan Steinberg.


The Princeton University Book Award is being presented to Helen Liu. This award is presented to a junior who ranks in the top 5% of his or her class and has demonstrated outstanding leadership and community service.


Virginia Laura Barney earned the Randolph College Book Award, presented to a student who is academically strong and possesses leadership potential.


The Saint Anselm College Book Award is given to a junior who exercises the capacity for academic achievement and continued education, has an awareness of social responsibility, displays leadership qualities, and possesses a strong character. Molly Grazioso earned this award.


Saint John's College Book Award is designed to recognize an exceptional high school junior for their intellectual curiosity, academic achievement and enduring interest in at least two of the following areas; philosophy, literature, science, mathematics or history. This award goes to Jason Talpalar.


Saint Lawrence Book Award honors Ishika Gupta as a high school junior who has displayed a significant commitment to community service.  


Caitlyn Dwyer is the recipient of the Saint Michael’s College Book Award. This award seeks to recognize two students, one male, one female, who exemplify academic achievement and social conscience, evidenced through commitment to community service, issues of peace and justice and concern for others.


The Smith College Book Award was given to Skylar Bloom. This award is presented to an outstanding junior who exemplifies the academic achievement, leadership qualities, and concern for others that are characteristics of the women who have graduated from Smith College.


Emma Hou earned the Tulane University Book Award that recognizes a junior who has demonstrated excellence in academics, leadership, public service and embodies the motto "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of oneself."


The University of Chicago Book Award is given to a scholarly and dynamic junior who pursues course work in a diverse variety of subject areas and is known for making connections across academic disciplines. This year’s recipient is Arnold Jia.


Two students, Rachel Cifu and Tejas Gupta, are receiving the University of Pennsylvania Book Award, given to a junior who best exemplifies the qualities of Benjamin Franklin: a scholar, innovator, and community servant. The award’s recipient ranks in the top 5% of the class and is involved in numerous extracurricular activities in school and the community.


Hayden Shaw is the recipient of The Washington College Leadership and Community Service Award recognizing a junior who has completed exceptional work in community service, shown outstanding leadership and has achieved success in coursework.                        

The Washington College Environmental Stewardship Service Award recognizes a junior who has demonstrated a commitment to environmental conservation or sustainability, and has achieved success in coursework. This year’s recipient is Nidhi Bhatt.


The Wellesley College Club Book Award was given to Katharine Fox. This award is presented to a junior girl for her outstanding contribution to the high school in terms of leadership, citizenship, and scholastic achievement.


The recipient of the Wesleyan University Book Award is Eric Wang. The award is given to a student who excels at a rigorous course of study and demonstrates independent thought and creative thinking consistent with the spirit of free and energetic inquiry encouraged by Wesleyan University.


Sarah Burn earned the Williams College Book Award. This award is given to a junior in the top 10% of the class who has demonstrated intellectual leadership and made a significant contribution to the extracurricular life of the school.


John Sanchez earned the Joseph I. Bookstaber Yale Book Award. This award, given to a junior who exhibits outstanding personal character and intellectual promise, is presented in memory of Joseph Bookstaber. Bookstaber was a 1996 graduate of Millburn High School.





Row 1: Ariel Stein, Skylar Bloom, Caitlyn Dwyer, Molly Grazioso

Row 2: Nidhi Bhatt, Ishika Gupta, Kate Repka, Katherine Zhong, Helen Liu, Sarah Burn

Row 3: Sam Meyerowitz, Ethan Steinberg, Virginia Barney, Brian Zhu, William Cerulli, Katherine Fox, Emma Hou, Katie Darvin

Row 4: Principal Dr. William Miron, John Sanchez, Andy Xia, Hayden Shaw, Arnold Jia, Eric Wang, Julian Fox, Jake Garfinkle, Tejas Gupta, Jason Talpalar, Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Christine Burton.