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Apologies for Thursday's Issues

Dear Parents/Guardians,


I can’t apologize enough and send my sincerest regrets for today’s events, and unfortunate confluence of weather conditions. I wish I had known this morning what I know now. School districts west of us called for an early dismissal based on their forecasts for definitive snow. According to the local data I had access to we expected the storm to start as a rain/snow mix and shift over to heavier snow later in the afternoon. I conferred with my colleagues in Summit, Livingston and Springfield, and we all agree that the weather forecast would allow for a full day of school. I spoke with the township, and we believed we had a window in which to get schools dismissed on time and students home safely. Obviously I was wrong, and I am sorry for not having called an early dismissal.



Teachers will be understanding and flexible about homework assignments.


Again, I am sorry for the anxiety and distress this caused for parents, teachers, administrators, and, especially, our students.


I promise to try to restore your trust in us. We will be meeting tomorrow to debrief and review our procedures and make necessary adjustments for the future, including our protocol for snow decisions and district communications.


Thank you for your understanding and patience in getting through this difficult day.