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Registration » Back to School Update

Back to School Update



All families must log in to the Back to School Update site through their PowerSchool PARENT portal account (at in order to update/confirm the student information for all of your returning students, and agree to the annual forms and notifications. 


Follow the steps below:


  1. Log in to your Parent PowerSchool Account.
  2. Click on the Arrow in the upper right of the PowerSchool screen
  3. Click on Registration Gateway - Back-to-School
  4. Go through the site to confirm/update contact info, medical data, and agreements for each of your children.


REMINDERS FOR 2019-2020:



The Primary, Cell, and Email addresses that are listed in the Back to School Update for each student are the numbers that will be sent from PowerSchool to SchoolMessenger for emergency and general calls, as well as general emails.

  • Please be sure that you have the same parent email addresses in each student’s record so that your student records will be linked.
  • Cell numbers will now be imported into the SMS/text fields, so you may receive an opt-in message from SchoolMessenger after you have completed your Back to School Update.



You will receive a confirmation email for each child's completed update to all parent email addresses submitted in the Back to School update.



During the Back to School Update window, all address changes must be made through the BTS Update process. Follow the instructions on the site to submit your residency proofs to the registrar. (Email them to, or bring them to the Education Center at 434 Millburn Avenue.



If you are withdrawing your child from our schools, please use the  Withdrawals Only link in PowerSchool to submit your Withdrawal information.




YOU MUST OPT IN TO ALLOW THE DISTRICT TO SEND DIRECTORY INFORMATION TO THE PTO!! You must select YES for each student to include your family information in each school’s directory. If you do not select YES, we will not be able to include your student's information in the school directories.




Although we are not asking for residency proofs this year, the Back to School Update still confirms your address and your acceptance/certification of our residency policies. Only students whose permanent residence is in Millburn Township may attend our schools, and we will pursue all legal consequences for fraudulent registrations.




  • The site works best on Firefox and Chrome browsers.
  • If, while editing one of your students the system tells you it is being accessed or has been sealed, and you have not yet completed your update, please log out of PowerSchool completely, refresh your browser, and try again.
  • You do not need to complete the update for Kindergarten and New students since they have registered this year. You will receive PowerSchool accounts for them in the fall.
  • The site is not accessible out of the country. If you will be abroad during the Back to School Update time period, please email us at to make other arrangements.



For other questions or PowerSchool assistance, email

Back to School Update Instructions

How do I log in to and utilize the Back to School Update site?

  1. Go to the PowerSchool Parent Portal at and sign in to your parent account.  
  2. Please only use one parent’s account to log in and complete the Back to School update.
  3. Once you are logged in to PowerSchool, click the arrow in the upper right:image of arrow in PowerSchool
  4. Click on Registration Gateway Back to School Link:

image of link location in PowerSchool

 5. Once you click the link, you will come to a page with a list of your linked children.

Please Note: If you have incoming Kindergarteners or any students new to the district in 2018-2019, you will not see them in the list. They do not need to be updated at this time. They will be added to your account in the fall.


Edit Page image



  • Click on the Edit button next to the first student’s name and fill in or approve the fields on each page in order to update the information for this child.
    • To update information for the next child, click on “My Students” to return to your student list.
    • The “Edit” button will be grayed out for any students you have already updated.
    • The Checklist page indicates your completion of the Back to School Update.
    • Within 3 hours of completing your update you should receive a confirmation email for each student, at every guardian email address on record for that student.

Once you have completed the update for all of your children, click on “Logout.” 



What if I need PowerSchool account help?

You must know how to log in to your parent account and have all of your children connected to your account. If you need assistance with your PowerSchool account, please email with your name, your student(s) names, dates of birth and grades in 2019-2020, and your PowerSchool issue.

Back to School Update Assistance?

If you need one-on-one or technical assistance, please email


Please contact if you will be unable to complete your Back to School Update during the open weeks to make alternative arrangements.


Thank you for your cooperation!