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Board of Education » District and Board Goals

District and Board Goals

Millburn Schools District and Board Goals 2018-2019

~ District Goal #1 ~

To utilize the Future Ready Schools framework to identify opportunities for growth and to secure next level certification across grades K-12.  (Year 1 of 1)



~ District Goal #2 ~

To continue to implement the Millburn Instructional Mindset (MIM) focused on the assessment framework to enhance assessment practices. (Year 2 of 3)



~ District Goal #3 ~

To continue to investigate how the use of time during the school day affects students’ academic experience through a study of building schedules and homework.  (Year 2 of 3)




~ Board Goal #1 ~

To update the long-range facilities plan and examine the financial implications and potential financing models for the district.


~ Board Goal #2 ~

 To engage the Board of Education in the NJSBA Board Certification process, which will further clarify the Board’s role and facilitate engagement with the school community.


~ Board Goal #3 ~

 To finalize successor collective bargaining agreements for all bargaining units.


Millburn Schools District and Board Goals 2016-2017

District Goals

1. To utilize Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) to enhance identified instructional practices and student achievement targets for the 2016-2017 school year. (Year 2 of 3)

2. To update and implement a revised Millburn Instructional Model (MIM) in order to bring common effective teaching and assessment practices to all classrooms and better foster articulation within content areas and across grade levels in the district by June 2017.

3. To embed the use of cutting-edge technological practices for teaching and learning across grade-levels for the purpose of increasing individual student access to devices and common 21st century learning experiences by June 2017.

Board Goals

1. To investigate best practices for the utilization of legal services within the district by June 2017.

2. To negotiate successor collective bargaining agreements for the MEA, MASA and CWA bargaining units by June 2017.