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Registering for Millburn Schools?


Some of our processes have changed due to COVID-19. In light of current health precautions,  until further notice, we are suspending in-person registration appointments.  All registrations and related communication will be done online. Please read the instructions below to register for the 2020-2021 school year.

You can begin the registration process from home by entering the majority of your information online in our Registration Gateway Portal.  

  • Before you begin, please note:
      • Only a parent or legal guardian may register a student in the Millburn School District.
      • To attend Millburn Schools a family must be domiciled in a permanent home located in Millburn Township.
      • The district does not allow out-of-district families to attend Millburn schools by paying tuition.
      • Children must be 5 by October 1 to enter Kindergarten, or 6 by October 1 to enter 1st grade as per Policy 5112
  • Getting Started:
    1. Go to to create a Registration Gateway account, and enter your child’s and family information.
    2. A checklist at the end of the process will alert you to the documents/information required to complete your registration. 
    3. Once you have completed your online registration, please email the registrar at





  • Required Documents at time of verification/registration:
  1. Official & original birth certificate of child
  2. Two proofs of residency:
      • Primary: deed/lease, or current mortgage statement, or current municipal tax statement
      • Secondary: one current (last 45 days) utility bill, or other legal mail addressed to your name at your Millburn/Short Hills address
      • *If you have just moved to a new address in town we will accept a confirmation of utilities as a temporary secondary proof of residency until you receive a utility bill.  For example, a JCP&L service start date e-mail (usually emailed by utility company as an appointment confirmation at the time you call to set up services).
  3. Parental identification
  4. Current immunization record (Required Health Forms Packet)
  5. Transcripts/report cards are required for placement at the middle and high school, and requested by the elementary schools. 
  • Special circumstances that may require additional documentation:
      • If Parents/Guardians live at more than one residence, regardless of which parent has legal custody, court documentation of the custody agreement must be supplied.
      • If Legal Guardian, court documentation of guardianship is required.
      • Affidavits required for registrants living with Millburn homeowners, renters, no lease, etc.  Please contact registrar for specific forms.
Deerfield School, (Grades K-4): 26 Troy Lane, Short Hills. Phone: 973-379-4843
Glenwood School, (Grades K-4): 325 Taylor Road South, Short Hills. Phone: 973-379-7576
Hartshorn School, (Grades K-4): 400 Hartshorn Drive, Short Hills. Phone: 973-379-7550
South Mountain School, (Grades PreK-4): 2 Southern Slope Drive, Millburn. Phone: 973-921-1394
Wyoming School, (Grades K-4): 55 Myrtle Avenue, Millburn. Phone: 973-761-1619
Washington School (Grade 5 only), 70 Spring Street, Millburn. Phone: 973-218-7500
Millburn Middle School, (Grades 6-8): 25 Old Short Hills Road, Millburn. Phone: 973-379-2600
Millburn High School, (Grades 9-12): 462 Millburn Avenue, Millburn. Phone: 973-564-7130



**The district reserves the right to conduct periodic residency checks as further verification that a family resides in Millburn Township.**