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Address Changes/Contact Updates/Withdrawals

**ALERT: It is important to maintain student learning and the continuity of education for our students. If you are considering withdrawing your child from school, we encourage you to first contact your school’s principal regarding your concerns and the district’s plans for supporting distance/online learning should it become necessary. If you are planning on keeping your child out of school for longer than 10 consecutive school days (14 calendar day period), please be aware that the student should be withdrawn from the district to parental instruction/homeschooling unless otherwise indicated, so that their education is not disrupted. To withdraw, you can use the Express Gateway as outlined below, or download the following Withdrawal Form and submit it to our registrar at We encourage you to please carefully consider your decision prior to withdrawing. You will be able to re-register your child back into the district at any time, but will have to complete the registration process again.**
Address changes, contact updates, and student withdrawals can be made via our Express Update site accessed through the PowerSchool Parent Portal.
You should also update your phone numbers and email addresses in our SchoolMessenger notification system also accessed through PowerSchool. 

The following student information changes should be made through Express Update:
  • Student withdrawals
  • Student/Parent address changes
    • Address changes made as a result of a divorce or custody change may require a custody agreement or affidavit. Contact for more information.
  • Parent phone number/email updates
  • Parent work/contact information updates
  • Emergency contact updates (phone numbers, emails, addresses, or adding new contacts)
  • Dismissal information updates (changing dismissal procedures or adding/deleting/editing escort information)
How to use the Express Gateway site:
  1. Login into the PowerSchool Parent Portal.
  2. Click the applications arrow in the upper right corner.
  3. From the dropdown select “Express Update.”
  4. A new window should open listing your child(ren).
  5. Click "Edit" on the first student and update any applicable information.
  6. When you reach the checklist page click “My Students” on the left side menu. (Information must be edited on every student record)
  7. If you have no additional students, click the log out button and you are done. If you have additional students proceed to step 8.   You must update each child's record.
  8. Click "Edit" on the second student and follow steps 1-7.
  9. If submitting student/parent address changes, residency proofs must be submitted to (1 primary and 1 secondary)
NOTE: Students who are new to the district and enrolled to start in September will NOT appear in Express Update until the start of school.  Any updates/changes to these students should be emailed to
PLEASE NOTE:  If submitting parent phone number/email changes, you must also update this information in our emergency notification system.
How to update contacts in the Notification System (used for emergency calls and general emails from the schools.)
  • Click the applications arrow in the upper right corner.
  • From the drop-down select “SchoolMessenger Contact Manager.”
  • Click on Contacts Tab and update information for each of your students.
  • If you would like to apply the changes to ALL of your students' records, leave the 'Save to All Contacts' checkbox selected.
  • (SchoolMessenger Help)