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E-Cigarettes & Vaping

Vaping Information from MHS Student Assistance Counselor, Shannon Dahse:
In an effort to raise awareness on vaping, I have provided information below for your review. Thanks. 
-A JUUL, pronounced "jewel," is an e-cigarette that looks like a computer flash drive and charges in a USB outlet. Please see the attached picture.
-Once powered a JUUL is loaded with tiny, refillable pods of liquid nicotine. A JUUL pod is no bigger than a soda can tab. The e-nicotine comes in flavors such as creme brulee, mango and bubble gum. It is sold strategically with a very young audience in mind. CNN has called JUULing an epidemic. 
-Using a JUUL can be quite easy to hide. The most frequent JUULing location in schools is the bathroom but there are reports of students passing around JUULs in hallways, the cafeteria, etc. Students also use JUULs in class, waiting for the teacher to turn around or hiding the vapor in a sweatshirt sleeve. The thrill of concealing a JUUL becomes part of its allure for teens. Please notify myself or an administrator if you see a student with any type of smoking device.
picture of juul vaping device
-Teens may use e-cigarettes to consume marijuana andother cannabis products. 
Shannon Dahse
Student Assistance Coordinator
Millburn High School
973-564-7130 Ext. 10033
9/18/19 - Columbia High School, South Orange Maplewood, counsel against vaping: