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School Year 2021-2022 » COVID Guidelines - Updated May 2022

COVID Guidelines - Updated May 2022


MAY 2022

We continue to prioritize keeping our students in school as much as possible for a full day of in-person learning. With the current increase in Covid cases locally, sending full classes to remote learning has not proven to be an effective method for preventing the transmission of this Omicron variant.  The updated protocols below apply to all schools, but especially to our elementary schools where we have seen the largest uptick in Covid cases. 

Positive Covid Cases:

If a student or staff member tests positive for Covid:

  • They will follow isolation protocols:
    • Isolate at home for five days
    • Remote learning/teaching is available if the student/teacher feels well enough
    • Return to school on Day 6 with a mask for 5 days
  • A notification will be sent home to families when a positive case has been identified in their class
  • Families will continue to be asked to monitor for symptoms, test 5 days after exposure, or if symptoms develop, and alert the school nurse if their student is symptomatic or receives a positive test.
  • Vaccinating your student is the best way to prevent serious illness. 

If there are 3 or more positive cases in a classroom:

  • The class will remain open
  • All students and staff in that class will be encouraged to wear masks
  • They should monitor for symptoms and test regularly
  • Alert the school nurse if symptoms develop and keep the child home from school if sick

Mitigating Strategies

  • The district will maintain our cleaning and sanitization protocols in all classrooms and buildings. 
  • We will follow the recommendations from the Department of Health for ventilation and airflow in the classroom, optimize distancing, and the use of outdoor space as much as possible.

covid guidelines infographic