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PreSchool Program Descriptions

Preschool Programs

Preschool Integrated Program

As with any school-aged resident child, Millburn Township School District provides a full continuum of services for students aged three to five years old who are found eligible for special education and related services through the evaluation process.  

The Preschool Integrated program is located at South Mountain School.  Three-year-old students attend class in the mornings; four-year-old students attend class in the afternoons.  The ratio of regular education students to special needs students is approximately 50-50, with the scales more often leaning toward the regular education population.  This integrated program (inclusionary) follows a general education preschool curriculum. All of the preschool integrated teachers are additionally Teacher of the Handicapped Certified. The special needs students receive in-class support through their teacher, and related services are provided in accordance with their IEPs.  Each preschool integrated class is additionally staffed by a paraprofessional.  Behaviorist support is provided on an as-needed basis. 

Special needs students are automatically admitted to the program upon determination of eligibility for special education and related services.  Regular education students are admitted through a yearly lottery process.  There is a tuition fee for regular education students. It is the philosophy of the Millburn Preschool Program to foster developmentally appropriate programs for its students and to encourage them to become independent, confident learners.

Preschool Disabilities Program

The Self-Contained Preschool Disabilities Program is also available at South Mountain School to those students who require a structured, full-day ABA program with a smaller class size than is offered in the Integrated Preschool Program. This program is offered in order to make meaningful progress in helping students meet IEP goals and objectives.  The full-day program provides opportunities for intensive small group instruction, 1:1 instruction and opportunities for integration into the preschool integrated sections for generalization.  Related Services are provided as per student IEPs.

The program is developmental in nature, following the scope and sequence of a preschool readiness curriculum in accordance with the core content standards.  The academic program incorporates individual student IEP goals. Components include Circle Time, 1:1 teaching, generalization into small group instruction, and opportunities to integrate into the preschool integrated classes. This self-contained program is staffed by an ABA trained Special Education teacher and 1:1 ABA trained paraprofessionals. 

Students who require ABA (discrete trial and behavioral strategies) will receive these services during individual teaching time.  Students also receive speech and OT/PT groups. Socialization skills are addressed in group and individual settings.  

All Millburn Township Preschool Programs provide an environment that is stimulating and nurturing. A variety of teaching methods are utilized that range from child-initiated play to teacher-directed instruction. Parent training is provided for parents of all preschool students.