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One Millburn » What is One Millburn?

What is One Millburn?


Since Covid, we have seen an increase in code of conduct violations, including disruptive student behavior. and the use of inappropriate language and expression whereby we have:

  • Seen students engaging in peer-to-peer conversations and incidents involving the deliberate use of disturbing anti-semitic and racist words. The use of such words deliberately targeting specific groups has a long and devastating history, which reference centuries of genocidal hate. 
  • Disciplined students for incidents targeting the ethnicity, gender identity, body image, and other bullying of peers.
  • Dealt with students both in and out of school who have made verbal assaults and engaged in conversations that have targeted and marginalized their peers. 
  • Discovered students accessing online apps, social media and websites that are targeting students and promoting bias, hate and prejudice.

These incidents of racism, anti-semitism, anti-Asian and other derogatory statements are hate speech and do not represent the culture of our community.  They are inexcusable and unacceptable in Millburn schools and in Millburn period. Millburn-Short Hills is an evolving community encompassing many different cultures, identities, ethnicities, and religions.  Our diverse and inclusive makeup is our greatest strength. Together we will work as ONE MILLBURN to embrace our diversity and make Millburn a safe place to live, learn, and grow.

So our goal for this work is to acknowledge that hate speech, expressions and behaviors exist in our community, recognize what, as well as why it is pervasive, and ultimately to formulate next steps and actions as ONE MILLBURN.