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School Budget » School Budget 2017-2018

School Budget 2017-2018


Welcome to the School Budget page for the 2017-2018 school year.
To submit suggestions or questions about the 2017-2018 school budget please email: [email protected]
Budget Q & A
Answers to Questions about Related Arts staffing for 2017-2018 SY

Question: What is the current number of full time equivalent (FTE) teachers in the following content areas:

Library for K-12: 6.6
Elementary Art: 4.6 (2.2 MS + 1.0 visual arts, 6.0 HS)
Music: 8.22 elementary, 6.0 MS, 3.9 HS
Physical Education: 7.2 elementary, 8.0 MS, 9.0 HS
K-12 technology: 5.0 elementary, 6.2 MS, 4 HS

Question: What is the number of FTE teachers proposed in the 2017-2018 budget?

Library for K-12: 5.0
Elementary Art: 3.8 (2.2 MS + 1.0 visual arts, 6.0 HS)
Music: 8.22 elementary, 6.0 MS, 3.9 HS
Physical Education: 6.2 elementary, 8.0 MS, 9.0 HS
K-12 technology: 5.0 elementary, 6.2 MS, 4 HS

Question: Will the Washington School have a School Library Media Specialist allocated to a library special once a week for the 5th grade students?

The 2017-18 schedule for the Washington School has not been finalized. There is consideration for having a Library Media Specialist at the Washington School for a prescribed number of periods each week as part of the Builder Period that is designed to integrate the English Language Arts and Library curricula and to provide for the practical application of these curricular skills.

Question: What is the reason for reduced FTE for Library K-12, Elementary Art, and Physical Education?

By moving all of the 5th grade students from their current elementary schools to the Washington School, the number of sections in each of these schools will be reduced. Anticipating the reduced number of sections at all six elementary schools, we recognized that most of the Related Arts teachers would not have a full schedule in a single building and therefore would need to be shared between buildings. In order to share staff between schools, a 9-period common schedule was created providing for 35 available periods of teaching time each week. (Contractually teachers get a lunch and a preparation period each day). With more available periods for teachers to teach, we needed fewer Related Arts teachers at Grades K-5. Students will still receive the same amount of instruction time in the Related Arts that they have this year.

Example of scheduling (for illustration purposes only and not reflective of actual scheduling):

Hartshorn – 20 sections next year – 1 FTE art teacher, if scheduled every day at Hartshorn, would have 35 available periods of teaching time each week, but only needs to teach 20 sections. If the teacher is scheduled to be at Hartshorn for 3 days, that allows for 21 sections, when 20 sections are needed. In addition to the 1 additional free period a week, the teacher also receives the contractual 3 prep periods during the 3 days at that building.

On the other hand, South Mountain is scheduled for 13 sections next year. If the same art teacher is scheduled to be at South Mountain for the other 2 days a week, this would allow for 14 teaching periods. So again, 1 free period plus the 2 prep periods during the 2 days at the building for his/her total teaching time of 35 periods.
For SY 2017-18 there is an anticipated total of 104 sections required for our projected elementary enrollment.
Total of 104 elementary sections / 35 potential sections per week = 2.97 FTE’s.

Anticipated Elementary Art FTE’s = 3.8 or 133 sections possible (3.8 x 35 = 133)

133 – 104 = 29 sections of flexibility for scheduling and free periods for support of our Art program activities.