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Voter Information » Where Do I Vote

Where Do I Vote

Polling Places:
Districts 1, 7, 10 Casa Colombo, 189 Main Street, Millburn
Districts 2, 6, 12 Millburn Public Library, 200 Glen Avenue, Millburn
Districts 3, 9 Glenwood Elementary School, 325 Taylor Road, SH
Districts 4, 13 Gero Park Recreation Building, 33 White Oak Ridge Road, SH
Districts 5, 8, 11, 14, 15, 16 Community Congregational Church, 200 Hartshorn Drive, SH
To find out what district you are in, contact Town Hall, Township Clerk, 973-564-7073

Enter your address to find your Polling Place
Early voting is available at several Essex County locations for the 2021 Election.