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youth art month

Youth Art Month piece

birch trees art - wyoming school
mosaic bottles
apple paintings by wyoming school students
library books

Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Dr. Kathryn Diskin
Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction
Holly Petrie
Executive Administrative Assistant
Chrystie Young
Director of STEM
Jenny Graf
Director of Humanities
Susan Saggio
Secretary to the Office of Curriculum and Instruction

~ District Goals ~


GOAL 1: Culture and Climate (Year 2)

To promote and support a healthy and balanced environment for teaching and learning.

Objective 1: Focus on social-emotional learning and wellbeing to improve educational balance

Objective 2: Examine, implement, and monitor block scheduling to improve student learning

Objective 3: Continue to increase high school student access and evaluate middle school student access to courses and programs


GOAL 2: Teaching, Learning, and Assessment (Year 2)

To promote a collaborative environment for teaching, learning, and assessment that inspires creativity, innovation, and differentiation to support all learners.

Objective 1: Evaluate Visual and Performing Arts programming using data to make informed decisions

Objective 2: Identify standard alignment and provide curriculum access to staff and parents

Objective 3: Evaluate student courses, assessments, and student support programming using data to make informed decisions


GOAL 3: Comprehensive Equity (Year 2)

To promote a culture of belongingness, equity, and access for all students by fortifying an inclusive instructional program and environment for learning.

Objective 1: Continue to evaluate and enhance curriculum through diversity, equity, and inclusion

Objective 2: Evaluate curricula and teaching practices through the development School Based DEI Teams

Objective 3: Foster culturally responsive relationships by providing resources and learning opportunities to staff, families, and community stakeholders