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District Departments » Human Resources » Popular Staff Topics (Revised)

Popular Staff Topics (Revised)

Human Resources Popular Topics for Staff
Aesop - (aka. Frontline Absence Management)
This is the system we use to use a sick day, personal day, or vacation day for 12 month staff.  Contact Noreen for help.
Mentor Program -  A new teacher who still needs to earn his/her New Jersey standard certification are required to participate in a 30 week mentor program.  Contact Dave Bailey directly for this.  Also see certification topic below.
Leaves of Absence and FMLA.  Use the following guides and information as a starting point for Leaves of Absence then contact Human Resources to discuss your needs.  (NEW)
Certification.  For general information on the certification types and process. 
NJ Certification Information System click here to check the status or print your certificates 24/7.
Pension Information:
The links below provide important information for active employees. Please also partner with the district Human Resources office for assistance.
  • MBOS.  (Member Benefits Online System)  Sign up you access to monitor your pension account, apply for loans, use the retirement calculator, name your beneficiaries and more.
  • TPAF. Teachers Pension and Annuity Fund is the retirement system for teachers.  Topics include enrollment, purchases, withdrawals, retirement, and more. 
  • PERS. Public Employees Retirement System is the retirement system for non-certified school employees.  
  • DCRP.  Defined Contribution Retirement Program.  This system is for school employees who would qualify for TPAF or PERS, but works less hours than required to enroll in a traditional pension.
  • Retirement Estimate Calculator. Watch this 7 minute video on how use the online tool for a pension estimate.
  • Retirement Appointment.  Use this calendar to schedule an appointment with the NJ Pension office in Trenton.
  • Employment after retirement fact sheet. Avoid jeopardizing your pension after retirement by knowing the law.         Tip: the 180 calendar day waiting period for 10 month employees usually begins on September 1st.  (see pg. 2)
If you would like to recommend an additional topic to appear here - please email Dave Bailey.