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District Departments » Human Resources » COVID-19 Staff Information (Updated 8/5/20)

COVID-19 Staff Information (Updated 8/5/20)

Millburn Township Public Schools values our outstanding staff and cares deeply about the health, wellness, and safety of all employees.  If staff members experience health issues related to COVID-19 please see the state guideline information sheets below.   
If you feel you need to request time an accomodation related to the COVID-19, please read the August 5th letter and scroll down to the FORM and description that best describes your needs.

David Bailey, Director
Human Resources
Please note:
  • Federal Emergency FMLA related to child care due to COVID-19 has limitations with the first 10 days being unpaid and additional days are paid at 2/3 of a staff member's daily rate with a cap of $200/day.
  • Federal Paid Sick Leave also has limitations, some include limiting payment to 2/3 of a staff member's daily rate.
  • NJ Earned Sick Leave does not apply to most Millburn staff member as we are covered under title 18A laws.
If you plan on making a request from below, please notify Human Resources immediately of your intention (phone or email) and then proceed with the form completion...
FORM A-  Please use Form A below if you have a serious medical condition and you have been medically advised by your physician that your condition requires a reasonable accommodation to your work environment. 
FORM B - Please use Form B below if you are requesting a leave of absence due to the unavailability of Child Care for your child(ren) due to COVID-19.