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District Departments » Special Services » MHS Transition Services

MHS Transition Services

Transition Activities Description:
During the course of the four years that the students are in high school, they will be tasked with completing fifteen activities designed to prepare them for life beyond high school.  These activities will be administered in the Study Skills class when possible.  If the student does not have a Study Skills class, they will be pulled out of class 3-4 times per year to work on Transition Activities.  
Freshman Year
     This is a year designed to learn about you.
Activity 1:  Learn about your IEP
Activity 2:  Learning style inventory
Activity 3:  Begin building a resume
Activity 4:  Career Interest Profiler
Activity 5:  All about me interest inventory
Sophomore Year
     This year the student will continue to learn about themselves and the process for planning for their future.
Activity 6:    Complete the "Game Plan" survey
Activity 7:    Career Cluster Finder
Activity 8:    Update your resume
Activity 9:    Post-secondary education worksheet
Activity 10:  Complete the "Do What You Are" survey
Junior Year
     The goal for this year is to further the student's understanding of the difference between high school and 
     post-secondary education.
Activity 11:    Continue to update your resume
Activity 12:    Strengths and weaknesses assignment
Activity 13:    Post-secondary understanding assignment
Activity 14:    Complete senior survey
Senior Year
     The goal for this year is to execute the game plan for after high school.
Complete your Senior Survey
Activity 15:    Complete post-high school survey