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District Departments » Special Services » Disposal of Student Records

Disposal of Student Records

According to the Individual with Disabilities Act (IDEA), 34CFR300.573, school districts must notify parents when the information contained in their child’s special education record is no longer needed to provide public education services to the child.  This is the public notification to parents or eligible students (students who are of legal age except where guardianship or conservatorship has been established) of the District’s intent to destroy all special education records, except archival information such as name, grades, attendance records, classes attended, grades completed and the number of years completed for its own records based upon federal law, for those students ages 28 and older or who's special education file has been inactive for 7 years or more.


The Department of Special Services will proceed with the disposal of special education records of all students born in 1995 and who were classified as eligible for special education and related services and/or eligible for speech and language services.


If you would like to request your records before they are destroyed, you must complete the Request for Permanent Transfer of all Special Education form (see below), sign it and return it prior to December 1, 2023.


Department of Special Services

Millburn Public Schools

434 Millburn Ave.

Millburn, NJ 07041

[email protected]



Parents or eligible students maintain the right to request that records are destroyed immediately following graduation, except for archival information such as name, grades, address, etc. which is housed in the student's cumulative file.  To request to have your records shredded, please complete the Request to Shred All Special Education Records form (see below), sign it, and return it.