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Board Meeting Questions & Answers » Board of Education Questions and Answers 2015-2016

Board of Education Questions and Answers 2015-2016

Board of Education Questions and Answers


Question: What are the 5 yr. projections of operating costs for the MRDS?

Answer: We are projecting operating costs of:

$958,300 in Year 1

$977,466 in Year 2

$997,015 in Year 3

$1,016,955 in Year 4

$1,037,294 in Year 5

Question: How will Special Education issues be addressed without having a BOE Special Education sub committee?

Answer: As we move to having Special Education as a BOE committee of whole or one large committee, we recommend that parents and/or members of the community address their questions, issues and concerns with the respective teacher and/or building Principal, as in the past. In addition, anyone can raise a question with the Superintendent who will look to address the issue. Parents and/or members of the community can share their questions/concerns with BOE members who will forward them to the Superintendent to be addressed with the respective building Principal/Administrator and/or the Director and/or Supervisors of Special Services. Parents who have questions, suggestions or concerns that they wish brought to the attention of the Special Services department may also contact their school’s representative to the SEPAC (Special Education Parents Committee).

Question: What activities is SEPAC engaged in or will be engaged in to support the Special Ed. community?

Answer: SEPAC, in coordination with the Director of Special Service, is planning to present some parent education evenings. They are also working on a newsletter that will provide information to parents on a regular basis.

BOE MEETING 12/14/15

Question: Does the district’s residency form comply with the NJ Department of Education requirements? Does the registration form posted on the website comply with the DOE registration forms provided by the state Department of Education (DOE).


The school district implemented a new online registration system in 2015 that is in full compliance with the Department of Education’s requirements. The school district’s attorneys have been thoroughly involved in our residency/registration process, especially during the re-registration process for all families in the district during the summer of 2015. The online registration service we use (Registration Gateway) are experts in the industry, used by many New Jersey districts, and follow all state guidelines.

Please note that the state’s sample forms include optional questions districts may add to their local forms, including the questions referred to by the questioner. We find it more useful to ask most of those questions in person, if applicable, at the in-person meeting with new families to identify their individual situations, and gather pertinent information.

The specific form referred to by the questioner is a form that is clearly labeled on our website that is used only in cases (extremely rare) where a student has been temporarily disenrolled from the district for a short period of time. (For example when a student may be performing or touring in a play; studying abroad, etc.) In order to re-enroll that child the parent must submit this shortened version of the registration form, along with current proofs of residency. This process may soon be moved to our online system.

We would like to reiterate that the Millburn Schools registration and residency process supports Policy 5111. It is now a centralized process, overseen by a central registrar, the Board of Education, the Business Administrator, with involvement as needed by the school district attorneys. The Superintendent presents a report on residency and registration at a BOE meeting twice a year. Read the most recent report (10/26/15) here: