Welcome to Millburn Schools. You must be a permanent resident of Millburn Township to attend the Millburn Schools. Information about Residency, and our policies and procedures may be found on this page.

At the time of registration, families will be required to provide proof of their eligibility to enroll a student in Millburn Township Public Schools. The documentation provided will be evaluated and if acceptable, the student will be determined eligible to enroll and attend school.

If inaccurate documents or no proof of residency is provided, the student will not be permitted to enroll at that time. If the documentation provided is incomplete or insufficient, the student will be permitted provisional enrollment. This will enable the student to attend school for a period of 30 calendar days while the appropriate documentation of residency/domicile is gathered. If documentation is not presented to the district within the 30 calendar day period, the student may be excluded from attending school until such documentation is provided.

Public schools are required to provide a free education to all persons over age 5 and under age 20 who are domiciled in the district. Domiciled means that the student is living with a parent or guardian whose permanent home is located within the boundaries of the district.

A home is permanent when the person intends to return to it when absent and has no present plan to move from it, even though he/she has the existence of homes or residences elsewhere. A person may have multiple residences, but only one domicile.

Residency requires bodily presence as an occupant in a given district.
If, at any time, you or your child changes domicile or residence, you must report this information immediately to the school district.

It is the policy of the Board that should the district discover that a child is not a legal resident of the district and is illegally attending the Millburn Township Public Schools, the district will assess the parents tuition for such attendance. Any additional costs for special education services will be added to the regular education costs.

Any parent or resident who provides fraudulent information during the registration process will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.