About Millburn Schools

The Millburn Township Public School District is known throughout the state and nation for its academic excellence and high student achievement. A total of approximately 5,000 students attend our eight schools: five elementary (K-4), one central fifth grade school, one middle school (6-8), and one high school (9-12).   In addition, the district runs an integrated preschool program for both special needs and regular education students.

Millburn High School is consistently recognized as one of the most outstanding secondary schools in both the state and the nation. 99% of graduating seniors attend four-year colleges. It has twice (2008 & 2010) been named the best high school in the state by New Jersey Monthly magazine, and is always highly ranked in national publications. The school’s program of studies currently features more than 30 Advanced Placement (AP) courses and a wide range of academic electives.  These electives are taught on four levels of instructional demand:  Accelerated, College Prep A, College Prep B, and Non-Ranked.  

Millburn High School students are also extensively involved in extracurricular activities.  Roughly 50% of students participate in the athletic program, which includes 26 varsity sports.  In addition, students participate in a variety of vocal and instrumental groups, more than 60 school clubs and organizations, as well as ongoing community outreach and public service activities.

Millburn Middle School (grades 6-8) is committed to providing the knowledge, skills, and values students require in order to be successful learners and leaders in the 21st century. One of its core missions is to develop leadership qualities in its students through its exemplary Peer Leader program and a variety of character education and service-learning opportunities.

Students in the middle school are arranged on interdisciplinary teams.  Academic studies are supplemented by courses in art, music, public speaking, leadership, writing, and technology, as well as a number of elective courses in the eighth grade.

Millburn’s six elementary schools are Deerfield, Glenwood, Hartshorn, South Mountain, Washington and Wyoming.  All six schools consistently perform at the highest level on New Jersey standardized tests.  Each school focuses on the best instructional practice in reading and writing, problem-solving, and the application of technology.  Washington School, which opened in September 2017, houses all of our district 5th-grade students for an innovative transitional program.  The schools are communities dedicated to the development of the full potential of each student – academically, socially, physically, emotionally and aesthetically.  

The Millburn Board of Education has adopted the following Mission, Goals, Strategies, Core Values and Commitments as part of the district's Strategic Plan:


The mission of the Millburn Township School District, reflecting our commitment to the pursuit of excellence, is to educate students* to be successful and engaged citizens of an ever-changing world through outstanding teaching, challenging programs, and enriching experiences in a safe, nurturing learning environment.

* All students will meet or exceed the NJSLS.

Goal Statements:

  • All students will demonstrate personal growth and mastery of a well-rounded, challenging, and meaningful curriculum.

  • All members of the school community will treat each other with compassion and mutual respect.

  • All students will be engaged citizens.

  • All members of the school community will engage in effective communication.


  • Students: We will implement curricula and co-curricular activities that address differences in learning styles, interests and levels of readiness.

  • Articulation & Instruction: We will nurture student learning through effective K-12 articulation and instructional practices.

  • Culture & Citizenship: We will foster a collaborative culture that promotes engaged citizenship through academics, co-curricular activities, service and effective communication throughout the school community.

  • Resources: We will provide the facilities, technology, and resources to support the mission.

 Core Values:

  • Excellence

  • Adaptability

  • Collaboration

  • Citizenship

  • Perseverance

  • Responsibility

  • Respect

  • Integrity


  • We will research and analyze data to make informed decisions.

  • We will allocate resources to accomplish our mission.

  • We will commit to collaborate with and respect others.

  • We will strive for continuous improvement.

  • We will evaluate and communicate our progress on an ongoing basis.

  • We will model democratic ideals.