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The Millburn Technology Department will infuse technology throughout the teaching and learning environment and provide students with a variety of tools to assist in the development of their knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors.

As a result of the Millburn Technology Program, students will understand important issues in a technology-based society and will exhibit ethical behavior in the use of technology. Students will access, apply, interpret, analyze, synthesize, and communicate information using a variety of technologies. In addition, they will use the computer as a tool for problem-solving and logical thinking.

The Miller Innovation Team (MITs), managed by Mrs. Nydick, was assembled to support the almost 4500 Chromebooks in the district. The team also posts a helpful video tutorial each week to their Tech Tip Tuesdays playlist on YouTube.

Please make sure your student is using their school district-issued Chromebook.
We have collected some basic troubleshooting tips to assist families. You can find the document

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